Susumu Iwata is an internet troll who got killed by Hiro Shishigami after he commented on his mother's death.

Appearance Edit

He has a black hair, and a little bit chubby, a five o' clock beard, and wears a pair of glasses.

Plot Edit

He firstly appeared in Chapter 38, or Episode 6, where he was first seen commenting about sending the address and photos of Shishigami parents house, Shishigami threatened Iwata that Shishigami will find and kill him, He laughed and mocked Shishigami thinking he was just a troll, then Shishigami called him through his phone, Freaked out, Shishigami decided to move into his computer screen, asking Iwata a lot of questions, But Iwata laughs and suprised after seeing Shishigami himself, he decided to mock Shishigami's mother, only to get his TV shot through his computer screen, Iwata thinks it was a prank like his friend Becky on a show, Then Shishigami shot his leg, Iwata screamed in pain and cries, he says that he was just trolling, and he just lied to 2chan, only to got his email send to BujiTV exposed, terrified, he fell from his chair and screamed for help, But Shishigami shot him a several times, but missed, then Iwata screamed "Sucker" ("Screw you" in anime) 3-4 times, only to get Shishigami moved into his laptop screen just in front of him, and he was shot dead, He died on the floor.

Cause of death and Injuries Edit

Got shot through his cheek, died by blood loss.


  • His leg got shot through, causing pain
  • His cheek got shot through, killing Iwata

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